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Doctor Strange | Marvel Studios' Legends

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 02.
  • LEGENDS retraces Doctor Strange's journey from arrogant neurosurgeon to heroic master of sorcery.
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댓글 • 0

  • @Animeguy300

    Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect for Doctor Strange

  • @Nuhuh130
    @Nuhuh130  +133

    Doctor Strange is one of my favorite MCU characters. Hope to see more of him and his amazing magic powers

  • @TheWarmachine375

    Doctor Strange likes to go for a walk across the Multiverse.

  • @sarveshwellness

    I wish we had more of the banter between Tony Stark and Dr. Strange, both so arrogant, full of themselves, smart, intelligent, and doing right that needs to be done irrespective of what anyone will think or say.

  • @arifulrabbi2609

    The fact that Dr. Strange said, he wouldn't hesitate to let iron man and spider - man die but he gave up the stone to save iron man hints he did what needed to be done!

  • @Moflicks

    Doctor Strange is a visually stunning and mind bending adventure that takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe to new heights. ❤

  • @deborahfrederick916

    I am a Benedict Cumberbatch fan since Sherlock first aired. I am THRILLED with how beautiful he has aged personally and professionally.

  • @TheWarmachine375

    Sorcerer Supreme Strange from Marvel's What If is pure unadulterated awesomeness.

  • @Reel-Deal

    It's crazy how good Benedict Cumberbatch is as Dr. Strange!

  • @alexandredeoliveira3524

    A Marvel tem que voltar a ser assim era incrível. !

  • @Tushar_S_007

    The Legend we all know and love became even more legendary with this episode.

  • @EthanAnania

    Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange isn’t just the best role for a MCU character, he’s a

  • @MusicLover-my6fo

    I really hope Doctor Strange becomes a member of the Black Priests in Doctor Strange 3. He needs the power up if he's going to be effective in The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

  • @z00merang18

    i get excited so much when i see doctor, he's been my favourite ever since day one. Im so hyped by this

  • @arthurahabwe1301

    Dr Strange was my favourite hero in infinity war. Him and Thor were peak in that movie 😆


    Dr strange has been the one marvel character who I think was builded up properly, Dr strange 1 and other side roles of strange was amazing! Dr strange 2 was wanda ft Dr strange so we won't talk bout it, he has extreme potential don't waste him.

  • @mitpancholi8089

    Doctor strange is very well written character. His portrayal in what if season is just wow. In both animated and MCU version, his transformation from being an arrogant guy to being the modest, sensible and matured person is really wonderful.

  • @trontoni
    @trontoni  +10

    the assemble scene was unforgettable one

  • @kindabatooni9314

    Come on Marvel! Give us more Strange! He’s the most interesting character in the MCU right now.

  • @Zspec1988

    Multiverse of madness had sooo much potential! The storyline of Dr. Strange had the foundation to become the best story in the MCU….