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Valkyrie | Marvel Studios' Legends

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 09.
  • LEGENDS recounts Valkyrie's surprising journey from fallen warrior to king of New Asgard.
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댓글 • 0

  • @CinemaInsightsYT
    @CinemaInsightsYT 21 일 전 +98

    What I wanna know is where the hell did she find a Pegasus 😅

  • @bryceh555
    @bryceh555 21 일 전 +36

    The moment where she launches the alcohol bottle at loki when he pipes up while she, Bruce, and Thor are trying to make a plan to get off of sakar and back to asgard still cracks me up lol tessa gives valkarie some sass that makes her so funny

  • @EthanAnania
    @EthanAnania 21 일 전 +32

    Valkyrie is one of my favorite MCU female characters alongside Natasha, Carol Danvers, Shuri, Gamora, Nebula, Mantis, and Wanda.

  • @VincentAlfonso
    @VincentAlfonso 21 일 전 +22

    I enjoyed Tessa Thompson’s performance as Valkyrie‼️

  • @rorycalhoun5431
    @rorycalhoun5431 21 일 전 +26

    Bring her back for Thor 5! Wanna see her fight Hercules' sister Athena!!

  • @zakirstocks9514
    @zakirstocks9514 21 일 전 +21

    Valkyrie of Asgard of the Marvel Universe. I Absolutely Love her! She's a Total Powerhouse!

  • @EnDwiGast23
    @EnDwiGast23 21 일 전 +26

    Valkyrie, hela and black widow are my favourite female characters and hela is one of my favourite character in general. I hope we can see her in the future. Cate blanchett's terrific performance was one of the reason i became obsessed with that character

  • @theyluvnaomi
    @theyluvnaomi 21 일 전 +21

    tessa thompson was perfect for this role

  • @Creasy5678
    @Creasy5678 21 일 전 +2

    I love her so much. Also, her first meeting with Thor, God of Thunder? She electrocutes him. I still laugh every time I see her ride into action atop her Pegasus in her pyjamas when New Asgard is attacked as well.

  • @TheWarmachine375
    @TheWarmachine375 21 일 전 +16

    Brunhilde: from leader of the Valkyrie squad to drunk slaver to the ruler of Neo Asgard on Earth.

  • @Jack-sc3dn
    @Jack-sc3dn 21 일 전 +11

    There’s gotta be a Drax one coming, still haven’t seen that one appear

  • @seanpatrickcain2
    @seanpatrickcain2 21 일 전 +6

    Bruce Banner: Ah! Valkyrie! Great to see you, angry girl!

  • @paulapisanoochoa590
    @paulapisanoochoa590 21 일 전 +7

    I really liked her character in Thor 4 , please Marvel , give us more of her

  • @JWFitness1
    @JWFitness1 21 일 전 +1

    Thor Ragnarok is in my top 5 Marvel movies: along with

  • @Animeguy300
    @Animeguy300 21 일 전 +7

    King of new Asgard 👑

  • @jessicaseven
    @jessicaseven 21 일 전 +3

    I don't think anyone needs to understand how the thumbnails for the Legends videos are chosen.

  • @Goddess_of_Light
    @Goddess_of_Light 21 일 전 +5

    Not only the King of Asgard but the King of my heart ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • @tiarrajohnson8500
    @tiarrajohnson8500 14 일 전

    She is my favorite!

  • @RavindraRokada-xl1lr
    @RavindraRokada-xl1lr 21 일 전 +3

    Please bring the old characters...they are emotions us

  • @PeggyDog904
    @PeggyDog904 21 일 전 +6

    Then she became Queen 👑