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Hawkeye | Marvel Studios' Legends

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  • 게시일 2023. 08. 31.
  • LEGENDS recounts how Hawkeye employed his unique skillset to help the Avengers defend humanity.
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댓글 • 0

  • @frankholiday5883

    Hawkeye deserves to be the new leader of the avengers. He was in the biggest battles was always the soul of the team and recruited three Avengers.

  • @sayandas6376

    After inspiring many people to join archery

  • @lefterispetridis6431

    Jeremy Renner is a real Avenger!

  • @MooneShadow

    It would have been cool to see him do the West Coast Avengers. He is one of the most underrated characters in marvel.


    El vengador mas fuerte ❤

  • @multiverse_media2023

    Without this amazing archer, the Avengers wouldn’t have won their battles. Goes to show how important the archer is on your team, right Green Arrow?

  • @nicolasp8pl

    Could you please explore what he did during the five blip years or give him a story against Bullseye?

  • @Remythechef

    Give us a second season

  • @kollie79
    @kollie79  +50

    My man deserved better, I’ll never get over him not being part of the endgame avengers assemble scene

  • @Amiee_louise_

    I love him he’s so underrated

  • @TornaDoeStudio

    Out of all of the Avengers. Hawkeye was one of my favourites cast. Because he is also human just like us. Showing what not just beings imbued with magic or super powers can do. But people in general. And I've always wanted to see us all standing together more as one family. Better chance at winning the lottery. Though it isn't impossible.

  • @Josh_2005

    Super underrated- he’s an absolute legend

  • @hyrulegamer796

    I love hawkeye

  • @NeroNyte

    Honestly most of the MCU's best characters are the really grounded ones like Hawkeye, Cap, Bucky, Sam

  • @simskia
    @simskia  +10

    Hawkeye is such a legend 💜🏹

  • @sandeshshende9032

    Marvel knows how to give goosebumps, nostalgia 😢

  • @VincentAlfonso

    Hawkeye's the best! I enjoyed his series, especially his chemistry and partnership with Kate Bishop! I enjoyed seeing Jeremy Renner as Clint as I enjoyed seeing him as William Brandt in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation!

  • @Animeguy300

    From archer to assassin Hawkeye was the best of the avengers

  • @B_Edits13

    One of the underated characters

  • @irem_3000

    I want Hawkeye season 2 . 😭