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Wong | Marvel Studios' Legends

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 03.
  • LEGENDS retraces Wong's mystical journey from protector of ancient tomes to protector of worlds.
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  • @TheWarmachine375


  • @leeshwan903

    Seeing as how Wong is a

  • @odstraven9941

    Wong was hardly noticed even as a side character in The Comics.

  • @shakedmar9804

    The man, the myth, the legend.

  • @WJen8
    @WJen8  +42

    If Wong had his own series or movie I would watch it ngl, funny guy 👍

  • @exknight3918

    "Yes! Wong!!" Kudos to everyone who knows the reference. Also, a miniseries of 10-15 episodes centered around Wong

  • @Zspec1988

    Of All the earthly hero’s, Wong stands at the top of my list!

  • @MusicLover-my6fo

    I like how Wong was in most of phase 4's films. It was kind of like Phase Wong.

  • @TheWarmachine375

    Wong is hilarious and you will quote everything he says.

  • @kayaanbedi5554

    Wong should get his own solo Disney+ show with Madissyn as the co-star

  • @StuartLugsden

    Wong is the greatest character in the MCU. He and Ned need their own Solo movie.

  • @EthanAnania

    Wong is the true MVP of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • @donovan802

    You guys think Wong felt sad about becoming the new Sorcerer Supreme after Strange got snapped? I feel like they’ve developed a great friendship despite the constant disagreements they’ve had.

  • @ClaudeYoung

    One of my favorite MCU Characters!! Wong Rocks!

  • @pravin8285

    Wong I like his appearance and character,want to see him in more MCU magnum opuses

  • @louisberry4403
    @louisberry4403 28 일 전

    Such a fun side character and hope to get more of him in The MCU.

  • @michaellucejr.6374

    Honestly, I think in the main MCU timeline, we need a version of the Illuminati that is led by Wong, think of the possibilities!

  • @musicstation13

    Hell Yeah!

  • @captntunabeerd

    Hope wong get his own series

  • @XavierAxelrod

    The Wong Cinematic Universe