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The Scarlet Witch | Marvel Studios' Legends

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 04.
  • LEGENDS revisits Wanda Maximoff's strange journey from happy homemaker to the dreaded Scarlet Witch.
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  • Tokio Djunjin
    Tokio Djunjin 29 일 전 +5558

    Scarlet Witch is the only character that is keeping me interested in the MCU...

  • April Ylati
    April Ylati 29 일 전 +2305

    She is genuinely the best character in the MCU. Fight me!

    • HIMANSHU 🖤
      HIMANSHU 🖤 29 일 전 +62

      I support you !! She's the best !!

    • Uatu
      Uatu 29 일 전 +23

      Peter parker is way better he has more interesting Lessons and stories to show

    • notlami
      notlami 29 일 전 +60

      ​@Uatuwanda claps him in a heartbeat

    • Uatu
      Uatu 29 일 전 +36

      @notlami power level and character interest level are two different things

    • notlami
      notlami 29 일 전 +16

      @Uatu my point still stands 😘

  • Lastford
    Lastford 29 일 전 +2039

    Wanda = The best mom of MCU
    Scarlet witch = Queen

    • scarlet witch
      scarlet witch 28 일 전 +11


    • pietrqvoids
      pietrqvoids 28 일 전 +1

      Pepper Potts victim. 🥰

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 28 일 전 +15

      @NamesOfAllNamesOfficial She was corrupted by the darkhold. Wanda is not like that. She was a victim and a very tragic character that we empathize with.

  • Vik
    Vik 29 일 전 +1587

    I like WandaVision, probably the best MCU show and (for me at least) one of the best MCU Projekts in general

    • LWilliams
      LWilliams 29 일 전 +23

      Loved Wanda vision

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +18

      Loki was better though, WandaVision is second.

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 29 일 전 +55

      @Death nah for me it's not even close. Nothing compares with Wandavision. The hype was something I've seldom felt before.

    • Vik
      Vik 29 일 전 +22

      @Death That's also a valid opinion, for me Loki is in second place, simply because I found WandaVision's episode structure more creative and some other smaller reasons that are a bit too long to explain here.

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +1

      @The Multiverse Productions Well the ratings compare and Loki's were better. Just a fact. Loki was better overall. That's probably the reason it's getting a season 2. Loki has much more hype because it sets up everything in the Multiverse Saga.

  • Jomark Magbanua
    Jomark Magbanua 29 일 전 +1169

    At this point, Elizabeth Olsen's the Scarlet Witch is the only character I'm genuinely hyped to see in the MCU. The rest? Meh.

    • HIMANSHU 🖤
      HIMANSHU 🖤 29 일 전 +49

      Yupp scarlet witch and Loki, just these 2 !!!

    • Crow Armbrust
      Crow Armbrust 28 일 전 +1

      Hate to break it to you but she’s been fired/quit.

    • Madnessuser
      Madnessuser 28 일 전 +33

      @Crow Armbrustshe didn’t, those rumors were fake

    • Mathew
      Mathew 27 일 전 +11

      @Crow Armbrust those rumors were quickly proven as false

    • Sirsasth Nigam
      Sirsasth Nigam 27 일 전 +7

      Moon Knight , Kang dynasty , Spiderman , Loki , Shang-Chi , Ms Marvel i am excited to see

  • harris
    harris 29 일 전 +578

    No other characters are as interesting as Wanda like the drama she gives off is just so good I need her back marvel

  • Keep Calm & Contemplate Your Life Choices

    Wanda is quite literally the only character I still have any interest left for in the MCU 😭

  • Nathan Stephens
    Nathan Stephens 29 일 전 +428

    Scarlet Witch truly is the best character in the ENTIRE MCU! She deserved better than what they did with her in MoM. I miss her so much and I’m hopeful that she’ll be back and receive forgiveness and redemption

    • scarlet witch
      scarlet witch 28 일 전 +5

      You speak facts!!

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 28 일 전 +5

      @NamesOfAllNamesOfficial no she isn't. She's returning and will be very important. Kevin feige himself confirmed it.

    • scarlet witch
      scarlet witch 27 일 전 +2

      @NamesOfAllNamesOfficial From all your comments i can see that you don't know her character at all. It's funny that you don't know her character at all and yet you comment on a video about to her😂

    • EljorindoBergmite145
      EljorindoBergmite145 11 일 전

      She doesn't deserve forgiveness for the mess up people's lives. put her betral insurance.

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 11 일 전 +1

      @EljorindoBergmite145 she was corrupted by the darkhold and Westview was an accident and denial. She is already forgiven by me in my books. She deserves a happy ending.

  • Kim Ka
    Kim Ka 29 일 전 +506


    • John Santos
      John Santos 28 일 전 +16


    • pengguna youtube
      pengguna youtube 27 일 전 +10


    • Everardo Contreras
      Everardo Contreras 23 일 전 +6

      shes not dead. she has multiple projects coming. were gonna get to see wanda variants as well

    • Hermann Lee
      Hermann Lee 21 일 전 +1

      @Everardo Contrerasdidnt elizabeth olsen leave the mcu tho

    • Everardo Contreras
      Everardo Contreras 21 일 전 +3

      @hermannlee9895 she did not. Her contract as well as many other marvel actors do not have the same type of contract that people like chris and johanson had. No she has not left marvel. Her solo project is already confirmed. Shes rumored to show up in multiple projects such as deadpool 3, and agatha coven of chaos

  • Awesome Productions
    Awesome Productions 29 일 전 +269

    I just hope Wanda finds her way back to the light soon, now that the Darkhold's been destroyed. She, more than anyone apart from maybe Rocket or Nebula, deserves a chance to find happiness again.

    • Ritabrata Ghosh Dastidar
      Ritabrata Ghosh Dastidar 29 일 전 +7

      Exactly. Although the Darkhold actually cannot be destroyed as per the comics. Don't know how it will appear in the MCU.

    • NAMAN
      NAMAN 29 일 전 +4

      Marvel inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +2

      ​@NAMANBro are you gonna spam this everywhere, no one cares.

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +3

      ​@Ritabrata Ghosh DastidarI doubt it'll appear again. If it does then so should the Book of Vishanti. Idk though.

    • Aleks _cnD
      Aleks _cnD 29 일 전


    ITSXAARON 29 일 전 +180

    WV was truly a moment to witness, everyone was tuned in every week. Scarlet Witch deserves her own movie and a more pivotal role in future avenger movies.

    • Harrold Djani
      Harrold Djani 26 일 전

      She got multiverse of madness. That was her movie.
      Marvel used doctor strange in the title to bait the audience

    • Lil Eddy
      Lil Eddy 26 일 전

      Wolkswagen was truly a moment to witness? When did they showcase a Wolkswagen in the mcu?

    • jose
      jose 25 일 전

      @Harrold Djanithat was doctor strange movie wanda just played villian it was a good movie just accept her to get get a solo movie

    • m higgs
      m higgs 23 일 전

      That show struck a balance that really works for me when done well. I love mystery and intrigue and the weekly speculation. That is my favorite thing. Only GoT, Madoka Magica, and WV have done that for me, funny that 2 out of the 3 were shows involving witches lol

  • Just Me Juni
    Just Me Juni 29 일 전 +187

    I love Wanda, I love the Scarlet Witch, I love Elizabeth Olsen, and I most definitely love the MCU 😭❤

    • Jello
      Jello 27 일 전

      I don't love the MCU anymore, since they decided to take Lizzie out of the MCU

    • DB
      DB 25 일 전

      @Jellothey didn’t take her out she will be back

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 15 일 전

      @Jello she's coming back. There's no reason to think she won't be back.

  • harris
    harris 29 일 전 +200


  • Nikki Ligature
    Nikki Ligature 29 일 전 +337

    wanda needed better development from someone who got over trauma that hurt her for a long time to just going straight into villain mode it would’ve been cool to see a descent into villainy over time throughout multiverse of madness.

    • 이마크
      이마크 28 일 전 +28

      Was honestly expecting this instead of what we got in MoM. Being the villain right out of the gate felt weird, even if one watched WandaVision. Would've like something similar to Agnes' reveal, where she would drop hints that she's constantly learning the Darkhold and plotting behind the scenes until it got revealed midway. It could've been nice to have more creative uses of her and Strange's magic as well instead of just constantly having red and gold energy beams.

    • Rick Nance
      Rick Nance 28 일 전 +5

      Disney ain't got time for that development stuff. seriously, I was really excited with the first set of Marvel Series (Loki, WandaVision, etc.) but the fear of heart crushing disappointment that you risk every time you crank up the di$ney channel is just too hard.

    • Oğuz Turhan
      Oğuz Turhan 28 일 전 +3

      I agree. I still love the movie but Wanda have become Darkhold villain too soon. At least a movie too soon.
      If only there weren't too many studio interference from Sony and Marvel, so that we could have America Chavez in No Way Home and Nightmare and Gargantos/Shuma Gorath as intended villains as rumoured. That would have lead Scarlet Witch's path to be a villain by the influence of Darkhold more organic and deserved.
      I still think Michael W. did an amazing job writing a movie really fun and ground breaking (illuminati gory scenes) despite all the hold backs such as pandemi and studio interferences. Can't wait what's next for her.

    • DriftingDCal
      DriftingDCal 28 일 전 +6

      @이마크I’ve always thought the same thing. The use of magic in the film MoM - especially the fight scene between Scarlet Witch and Dr Strange - was so basic it was upsetting. I hate to see characters who can do spells only shoot freaking energy beams.

    • Jordi Lopez Sosa
      Jordi Lopez Sosa 28 일 전 +1

      The movie just showed how the Darkhold truly corrupts everyone that uses it. I guess they could have talked about it more in depth, but for me it made sense how she ended up doing what she did.

  • Gary McGuire
    Gary McGuire 29 일 전 +175

    She is Mother my favorite marvel character. There is no MCU without her❤

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +2

      I think you mean without Iron Man.

    • dendori
      dendori 29 일 전 +6

      @Deathnah he’s dead already

    • Gary McGuire
      Gary McGuire 29 일 전 +1

      @dendori loll dead as hell 💀

    • baloney
      baloney 29 일 전 +1


    • DR.RobotNick18
      DR.RobotNick18 29 일 전 +1

      For real... She's the only thing keeping me invested in the MCU right now

  • Multiverse_Media🌟
    Multiverse_Media🌟 29 일 전 +160

    She seems like a calm and reasonable woman. Surely nothing bad will happen if you see Wanda appear, just think happy sitcom thoughts. 😅

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 29 일 전 +3

      Wanda is easy to defeat if you're her target. This might come off weird but it's the truth, the easiest way to stop her is not through force. Just approach her and give her a hug. Her demeanor will switch immediately. First out of confusion and then she'll embrace it and completely forget why she wanted to attack you in the first place.

    • XiamarianSupreme
      XiamarianSupreme 29 일 전 +5

      ​@The Multiverse Productions
      I disagree, considering Monica tried to be nice & Wanda was about to murder her by slamming her into the pavement. 😭 And, after having already blasted Monica outta the hex altogether. Calmly approaching Wanda isn't a guarantee.

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 29 일 전 +2

      @XiamarianSupreme Monica never hugged her though and Wanda was not herself during Westview. She had psychosis. And it is not wise to approach anyone with psychosis when you want to make them see the truth. But my point stands. Also she wouldn't have killed Monica and didn't. She was all bark no bite in WandaVision because she's not really a bad person. MoM is a different story because the darkhold did that to her.

    • XiamarianSupreme
      XiamarianSupreme 29 일 전 +3

      @The Multiverse Productions
      I don't think Wanda would've even let Monica hug her. Trying to hug Wanda would've been a death sentence. 😂 I'd run.

  • SoraxxxKH
    SoraxxxKH 26 일 전 +5

    I hope Marvel knows how extremely popular Scarlet Witch really is.
    They need to bring her back.

  • Jedi Clone KAG-13
    Jedi Clone KAG-13 29 일 전 +90

    I love that Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch is the only character so far to have multiple episodes that focus on her in this series.

  • Nisha Singh
    Nisha Singh 29 일 전 +125

    Only 90's & 2000's kids can understand the feeling of seeing Marvel back in this role 🇮🇳❤💯🔥

    • -Minela- #flyhighlilith
      -Minela- #flyhighlilith 29 일 전 +1


    • Vaughn Baskin
      Vaughn Baskin 29 일 전 +6

      Ahem! And the 2010's too as well you know!!

    • Nøva
      Nøva 29 일 전 +5

      ​@Vaughn BaskinShe appeared in 2015 y'all were 5 y.o

    • Rudy Hernandez
      Rudy Hernandez 29 일 전 +1

      Man I remember my auntie took me to go see the 1st Iron man back in 2008 at some theater that doesn't even exist anymore. I was 14 years old at the time and I remember being reluctant about going to watch it cuz at the time it didn't really catch my attention. But man did I walk out that theater over satisfied. Beyond my expectations. And that's what kicked off my deep interest into marvel. Ever since then. Crazy to think that was over 15 years ago.

    • Music Lives-On
      Music Lives-On 28 일 전

      @NøvaI was 7 years old when I first saw Wanda

  • daniel
    daniel 23 일 전 +14

    She NEEDS to come back! The hype train is literally following her and no one else. Maybe Loki ?

    • Marion Baggins
      Marion Baggins 22 일 전

      Loki had that Hype since Avengers in 2012, Wanda only start Hype since 3 Years Later.

  • Archit Semwal
    Archit Semwal 20 일 전 +3

    Wanda Vision was so well done, the mystery, the excitement, the confusion and the conclusion. A lot of other shows got views because of Wanda vision.

  • Albert Ismalaj
    Albert Ismalaj 29 일 전 +56

    Marvel still doesn't understand how popular Scarlet Witch actually is..., she deserves a trilogy...
    2014: Captain America Winter Soldier
    2015: Avengers Age of Ultron
    2016: Captain America Civil War
    2018: Avengers Infinity War
    2019: Avengers Endgame
    2021: WandaVision
    2022: Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness
    2025: Vision Quest
    2026: Avengers The Kang Dynasty
    2027: Avengers Secret Wars

    • k
      k 29 일 전 +4

      She aint coming back

    • D'andre' Durand
      D'andre' Durand 29 일 전 +7

      Long live the multiverse queen❤❤
      Can never take her out. Hate on it.

    • Lily
      Lily  29 일 전

      Vision Quest (2025), let's hope it happens

    • BlueMarvel
      BlueMarvel 29 일 전 +1

      Elizabeth Olsen was actually never interested in having her own solo films.

    • Sarath Chandhiran
      Sarath Chandhiran 29 일 전

      U forgot agantha coven of choas

  • Hayden George
    Hayden George 22 일 전 +5

    This highlights just how much they’ve invested in Wanda, clearly a major character, and I’m glad she’s going to be with us for some time ( I don’t believe for a moment she’s dead…but let me not do too much: these people cleared the Eternals after all)

  • Jeremy Bautista
    Jeremy Bautista 25 일 전 +14

    her character arc is my favorite from innocent to villain to hero to villain again. it's just so cool. and honestly, marvel needs to bring her back for the two big avenger movies (kang and secret war) to make at least the victory more believable. she's the only character i could think of that can withstand any powers. just my opinion.

    BEEVEY 14 일 전 +5

    The amount of views for both WANDA MAXIMOFF and SCARLET WITCH legends video is enough to tell us that SHE BROUGHT THE GAME TO MARVEL INTO THE NEXT LEVEL!

  • Jacob Golembiewski
    Jacob Golembiewski 23 일 전 +5

    That first time Agatha called her The Scarlet Witch, my jaw was on the floor and I had full body chills. Even know, every time she says it I get chills. She is the best Marvel hero and you can just argue with a wall if you disagree.

  • Viper 33
    Viper 33 29 일 전 +53

    She's absolutely amazing. Love her!❤

  • Keith Drummond
    Keith Drummond 21 일 전 +2

    One of my favorite cosmic level heroes.
    Truly terrifying. She uttered one phrase and nearly wiped all mutants from existence.

  • Ely Beanz
    Ely Beanz 27 일 전 +22

    Wanda & Loki have the best character arc in the whole MCU

  • Arjun Tekade
    Arjun Tekade 12 일 전 +4

    Only Wanda has tied me up to MCU so far .. she is love ❤

  • BlueMarvel
    BlueMarvel 29 일 전 +24

    She's definitely a force to be reckoned with!👍

  • The Chosen one
    The Chosen one 29 일 전 +173

    I love MoM, but I personally dislike how Wanda's Arc in Wanda vision of overcoming her trauma was thrown out in MoM

    • gh0stvfx
      gh0stvfx 29 일 전 +13


    • Sirsasth Nigam
      Sirsasth Nigam 29 일 전 +7

      but it was already shown at end of WandaVision, didn't you watched it? she even heared her kids

    • Geo K
      Geo K 29 일 전 +14

      Spoiler warning for MoM:
      I think MoM actually demonstrates the residual impact of trauma really well. When Professor X links with Wanda telepathically, he has to get through the layer of her mind that Scarlet Witch is controlling first.
      At the center of her mind is the REAL Wanda, buried under the “scars” (aka the rubble she was under) left by her trauma. My interpretation is, that’s why Professor X says “your mind has been taken over by your alternate self”. I think the whole point is that the trauma has left Wanda susceptible to SW’s control.
      Professor X tries to help her out of the rubble by taking her hand and trying to pull her up out of there, which I think didn’t work because she ISN’T over the mountain of trauma she’s faced.

    • Sirsasth Nigam
      Sirsasth Nigam 29 일 전 +1

      as Birdman stated in eww DSMOM- its in the name -Dark Hold

    • Sirsasth Nigam
      Sirsasth Nigam 29 일 전 +2

      @Geo Kboth are same person , more like controlled by Darkhold tapping into nigh infinite well of trauma and desire and will to have her kids back if you don't don't read about it in comics

  • Lonely Lucas
    Lonely Lucas 22 일 전 +5

    Her story is legendary, The most touching one, I adore this character

  • K B
    K B 28 일 전 +10

    I feel like the Wandavision writers really understood Wanda’s character and we were finally getting some answers to why she was the Scarlet Witch and not just the whats. MOM came around and undid all that and just made her very surface level again.

  • WandaHarkness
    WandaHarkness 29 일 전 +21

    My favourite Marvel character without doubt, her arc is just brilliant

  • Scarlet Witch
    Scarlet Witch 29 일 전 +69

    She Not Only A Legends Marvel
    She is Queen Of Marvel Characters!❤

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 26 일 전

      Lmao no
      White Phoenix would curbstomp Scarlet Witch

    • jose
      jose 25 일 전 +1

      @Nor Priestno

    • Vim 23
      Vim 23 22 일 전

      @Nor Priestno

    • MatiX412
      MatiX412 19 일 전

      Thor is better

  • ra_nzo0
    ra_nzo0 11 일 전 +2

    The only character that keeps me in the MCU, give us more Wanda

  • Berto _OnLine
    Berto _OnLine 26 일 전 +3

    I love this character SO MUCH! Im obsessed! She The MCUs greatest asset! And EO is such a talent, she does such a good job and Wanda has some GREAT 1-Liners!

  • Eolsensource
    Eolsensource 29 일 전 +37

    Say whatever about Wanda’s decisions but Elizabeth Olsen’s acting is on top!

  • ok
    ok 21 일 전 +3

    Her acting omg ❤. Everybody in this show were too notch like epic acting. Every one ❤.

  • Jourden Writings
    Jourden Writings 29 일 전 +21

    Wanda should have been a hero in MoM but I understand the villain arc because she had the dark hold and it’s supposed to setup scarlet witch to be someone who can’t be trusted by the other hero’s which causes her more trauma as she already felt alone and out of place so she continues onto her search for family or people like her finding the X-men and other mutants that don’t fear her but except her but even they fail to help her as she stills mourns for her children which will forever haunt her and lead her down a dark path no one could understand for they are not a Mother

  • Hi_17GL♡♪
    Hi_17GL♡♪ 28 일 전 +9

    I love Wandis so much❤ And even being a villain is the only reason I'm waiting for her return to the MCU💗🥺I hope to see her again having a great journey and with a nice ending ☺️

  • The Viewer
    The Viewer 29 일 전 +27

    Can’t wait to see where her next path leads to ! 🥳

    • Grandmaster from Sakaar
      Grandmaster from Sakaar 29 일 전 +4

      Death, probably at the hands of kang😂

    • The Viewer
      The Viewer 29 일 전

      @Grandmaster from Sakaar If this is the path, it is 😂 doh I think the long way full of loss will pay off, so let’s see 🤫

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +1

      ​@Grandmaster from Sakaar LMAO, I hope that happens so he can be seen as a big threat.

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 29 일 전 +1

      @Grandmaster from Sakaar nahh Kang will die by her hands

    SALAMANDRA 28 일 전 +18

    Сериал WandaVision это шедевр, особенно смотрится если ты понимаешь что чувствует герой, его переживания, боль расставания или утраты человека, каждый из нас видел себя в Ванде, наверное вы понимаете о чём я, это поймут люди которые пережили это ✨❤️‍🔥✨👊🎩

  • Blxpped
    Blxpped 29 일 전 +60

    The fact they have a separate Wanda and Scarlet Witch Episode!

    • Ann C Ivez
      Ann C Ivez 29 일 전

      Wanda is from before Wandavision, Scarlet Witch is from before MoM. I feel like without an episode recounting Wandavision people would get confused when seeing her in MoM.

    • Blxpped
      Blxpped 29 일 전

      @Ann C Ivez yes, im glad they didn’t put all that in one episode

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas 29 일 전

      Perhaps, Samuel "Sam" Wilson could have a second episode?
      MARVEL Studios' Legends: (S1E3) - "Falcon"
      MSL: (S2E?) - "Captain America"?@Blxpped

  • VsPancakes
    VsPancakes 24 일 전 +3

    I love Wanda so much she is BY FAR my favorite character when I watched multiverse of madness and she “died” I couldn’t believe it I was and still am convinced that she didn’t die I couldn’t even feel sad I WANT HER BACK SO BAD 😭

  • Rahadi Dwitama
    Rahadi Dwitama 29 일 전 +18

    This is it! My favourite 😍❤️ Scarlet Witch always makes me goosebumps 🥶

  • reen
    reen 27 일 전 +4

    i love this series,like its so good especially when wanda turned to scarlet witch or basically her final form it was so epic,this series got me laughing and crying at the same time

  • Jello
    Jello 27 일 전 +5

    It's clear everybody loves Wanda, and at this point on of the few most interesting characters...marvel u better bring her back, we need her back

  • gh0stvfx
    gh0stvfx 29 일 전 +58


    • Magic
      Magic 29 일 전 +5

      It takes a long time to make a movie

    • Anis Adriana
      Anis Adriana 28 일 전 +1

      ​@NamesOfAllNamesOfficialdo some research about chaos magic before you even talking about it

    • SE
      SE 28 일 전

      ​@Anis Adriana the only thing I know about chaos magic is that it can alter reality, but is there a hope that she's still alive and will be back? They didn't announced that she will be back at end scene

    • Anis Adriana
      Anis Adriana 28 일 전 +2

      @SE I don't think so, Olsen admit had tired of marvel but also she said she wanna comeback and im confused about renewing contact for 7 years or 7 movies

    • O Teragard
      O Teragard 26 일 전

      Pretty sure this is the announcement... if they're posting this the chances she's not in Loki season 2 seem slim to me

  • Music Lives-On
    Music Lives-On 28 일 전 +8

    Wanda is honestly my Favorite character in the MCU and I know one day she’s gonna have to go but right now don’t take her from us yet

  • Marvels_peak
    Marvels_peak 25 일 전 +4

    She needs a new movie she deserves a new movie after keeping mcu alive and active

  • Eduard Sardaña
    Eduard Sardaña 27 일 전 +6

    Will never get tired of watching the Scarlet Witch😍🔥

  • Andrew Kibbe
    Andrew Kibbe 23 일 전 +1

    She’s really the only character I care for anymore. Nobody else in the MCU has enough heart. I hope they make her a huge part of the franchise

    ALEXANDER LUNA 23 일 전 +2

    The greatest of all time in the MCU. Scarlet Witch is incredible…✨

  • LeoNimson
    LeoNimson 29 일 전 +22

    "You break the rules and become a hero, I do it and I become the enemy. That doesn't seem fair"
    - Scarlet Witch❤️

    • Magic
      Magic 29 일 전 +2

      That was a terrible line...

    • Sirsasth Nigam
      Sirsasth Nigam 29 일 전 +1

      @Magic she only knows Dr Strange broke his Sorcerer rule to give time stone away , she doesn't know why he did or what he had gone through after that .She enslaved a whole town to be sitcom and SWORD hated her . She is mocking him

    • Magic
      Magic 29 일 전 +3

      @Sirsasth Nigam Still makes no sense. She's not 'breaking the rules' to save anyone or to win a war like Dr. Strange. She's breaking the rules to get what she wants (her children). So how is that even comparable?

    • Sirsasth Nigam
      Sirsasth Nigam 29 일 전

      @MagicShe only knows that Strange broke rules and was never punished or hated for it like she was without knowing what he was going through, its in her perspective

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +1

      ​@Sirsasth NigamBecause Strange knew what had to be done to save the universe, she did what she was doing for kids that weren't real and she was killing innocent people. No justification in that.

  • Rafaela Soares
    Rafaela Soares 27 일 전 +1

    A feiticeira escarlate é uma das melhores da Marvel, junto com a antiga viúva. Wanda tem muuuuito o que mostrar ainda do poder dela. Podiam resolver logo essa questão dela de filhos/marido e saude mental, o que foi legal para refletir... mas já precisa de trocar de disco, pôr ela em outros enredos. E, explorar mais ela lidando com outra tramas de salvar o mundo ou sei lá... outras lutas ou conflitos épicos... (minha opinião)

  • kal kir
    kal kir 21 일 전 +4

    Ванда просто шикарна! Какая сила, какая мощь и история в одном человеке... надеюсь мы её ещё увидим

  • Aaron Stickel
    Aaron Stickel 25 일 전 +3

    I love Wanda's character in the MCU so much. I will riot if her story really ended in MOM

  • just putra
    just putra 28 일 전 +2

    I still choose her as my bias in MCU, thou she had already changed from hero to villain (or the writer did that). Hope that Scarlet Witch will have one or more dedicated movies. This character really have lots of sides which can be developed into a new story. She's is interesting, her character is amazing.

  • John Sale Jr.
    John Sale Jr. 28 일 전 +6

    I miss her ❤ I knows she's just a comic book cnaracter but I loved how her powers evolved overtime

  • Robert Joseph Oliva
    Robert Joseph Oliva 28 일 전 +4

    Wandavision is by far the best series ever created

  • Peraya Polca
    Peraya Polca 25 일 전 +3

    Only Wanda brought me to the MCU and the Scarlet Witch is the one who kept me staying 😍😍😍. Solo movie please ❤❤❤

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 26 일 전 +1

    I love her so much she’s so reasonable queen of reason 😭 stop standing in her way and you won’t get killed

  • ESPN
    ESPN 28 일 전 +3

    Common if you gonna end her - don't do stuff like this! SHE IS THE BEST CHARACTER MCU GOT/ HAD

  • Marcos Ezequiel
    Marcos Ezequiel 29 일 전 +7

    Bring Wanda back to us!!❤

  • Sayed Farih
    Sayed Farih 10 일 전 +2

    I'm done with almost all the characters in the MCU but Scarlet Witch is the only one who still gives me the hope

  • Javon Ezell
    Javon Ezell 25 일 전 +1

    This was an amazing show❤

  • Fairypower
    Fairypower 24 일 전 +5

    4:47 That moment will always be iconic for her

  • Alisa004
    Alisa004 29 일 전 +7

    The moments Marvel shows Pietro are just.... gods... PLEASE domt forget him!
    He is my favorite hero both in the comics and in the MCU.
    I still cry at his death and he only appeared once. Please do NOT forget about how heavy its the pain of losing a twin and dont make Wanda continue to ignore it!

  • Gayuh Adi Susetyo
    Gayuh Adi Susetyo 28 일 전 +6

    We need more The Scarlet Witch movie

  • GnSt4vo
    GnSt4vo 28 일 전 +2

    What bothers me is that I was hoping to see more of the multiverse and a setup for a Scarlet Witch movie. Her arc was the best for it to end so soon.

    VODTNBD BGDJU 29 일 전 +27

    4:37 This scene broke me..., ugh, she's so powerful! QUEEN, show them...

  • Hakkkddoooggg
    Hakkkddoooggg 29 일 전 +24

    I want Mommy Wanda back I miss her so much😭

  • humbert
    humbert 26 일 전 +4

    Listen people...
    Wanda Maximoff is one of the most complete and psychologically and visually interesting characters from all the MCU.
    From antiheroe to hero to villain and waiting for her rendition.
    Her powers are visually beautiful, and terrifying
    Also one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse
    a well-known weakness: emotions
    she had one of the most tragic lives in the mcu
    a defined goal or purpose: to be happy one day
    I don't like her fast villain transition but anyway, she's so interesting, I see why she has a lot of fans (and haters too)

  • scarletwitch_edits
    scarletwitch_edits 12 일 전 +3

    She is the best character in the mcu it's just such a waste that they don't continue her story

  • Reel Deal
    Reel Deal 29 일 전 +4

    I'm a little late to the game but I'm finally getting around to seeing multiverse of madness and I've got chills.

  • Maria Jose504
    Maria Jose504 22 일 전 +2

    Oh I love Scarlet Witch, and Wandavision was the best, music, intros and acting ❤

  • Léia Ferreira
    Léia Ferreira 25 일 전 +3

    She's the best character ever ❤️

  • Psychedelic
    Psychedelic 26 일 전 +2

    I can’t stop watching this, GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!! 🥹🥹🥹
    It feels so happy and immense joy to see Wanda getting her recognition, they kept her way too underrated for too long, it’s time for the Queen to reign!!! ♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭

  • Casper
    Casper 29 일 전 +25

    I hope we see her soon 😢

    • Vim 23
      Vim 23 22 일 전

      I’m her own movie ❤

  • Jesus ASMR
    Jesus ASMR 27 일 전 +3

    She need her triology!!! She deserves it!

  • Kris K
    Kris K 27 일 전 +3

    Fans want wanda maximoff back! Please make it happen, Marvel!

  • Sweet be Psycho
    Sweet be Psycho 9 일 전 +4

    My favourite character & cast! 😍

  • FarO
    FarO 28 일 전 +5

    The most powerful hero.
    Deadly villain
    Best Mom
    Best Wife

  • Steven Ritchie
    Steven Ritchie 28 일 전 +2

    What lizzie has done for this character is remarkable. A love her ❤️

  • Julian Cantu
    Julian Cantu 29 일 전 +6

    This character is just amazing

  • Noah
    Noah 29 일 전 +16

    She's the powerhouse of MCU

    • Öylesine Editler
      Öylesine Editler 29 일 전


    • badboy305
      badboy305 29 일 전 +1

      @Öylesine Editler Adam warlock

    • badboy305
      badboy305 29 일 전

      @Emperor Wraithis exactly

    • Death
      Death 29 일 전 +1

      ​@badboy305Adam Warlock at full power would destroy Scarlet Witch.

    • badboy305
      badboy305 29 일 전

      @Death exactly

  • Mikael Silva
    Mikael Silva 27 일 전 +2

    Queremos Wanda de volta

  • Nathan Hogg
    Nathan Hogg 29 일 전 +12

    The only character to get two Legends episodes 🙌

  • Javier Narvaez
    Javier Narvaez 28 일 전 +2

    Scarlet Witch is my favorite of the Avengers. You better watch out because comic characters like her are hell to fight. Doctor Strange met his match with Wanda. I hope we get to see Wanda on a journey towards redemption.

  • YY
    YY 23 일 전 +1

    Love the scarlet witch!!!!
    And the cast❤❤

  • MarvelFan101
    MarvelFan101 28 일 전 +5

    We need a scarlet witch movie!

  • DriftingDCal
    DriftingDCal 28 일 전 +3

    Even though Scarlet Witch was done dirty in MoM she is still the character that is keeping me captivated in the MCU.

  • Renniel Baqueros
    Renniel Baqueros 24 일 전 +2

    She's the only reason I got into watching the MCU.

  • izzy 🦇
    izzy 🦇 29 일 전 +99

    she can never catch a break

    • Mariano Fuentes
      Mariano Fuentes 29 일 전 +3

      Thor either!!!.

    • Amit Kenan
      Amit Kenan 29 일 전 +1

      @Mariano Fuentes At least Thor didn't go crazy like her

    • The Multiverse Productions
      The Multiverse Productions 29 일 전 +3

      @Amit Kenan Thor is a "god" and he was not corrupted by the darkhold, or magical powers that suppressed his mind in a fantasy world that is designed to keep him there by making everything perfect the way he dreamed of.

    • Anis Adriana
      Anis Adriana 28 일 전 +1

      ​@Amit Kenanmeanwhile Thor being depressed n become fat thor 💀

  • Chaos Goddess
    Chaos Goddess 25 일 전 +3

    Most powerful being in MCU ✨😌

  • JACL
    JACL 25 일 전 +2

    Wanda is the best and most interesting mcu character for me because of her power 😍💕

  • Emman Watson
    Emman Watson 28 일 전 +3

    MCU did her dirty in MoM, but Wanda still has more fans compared to other remaining Avengers, MCU should give her an awesome comeback as she's currently carrying MCU 🔥💪🏻

  • Nicolás García
    Nicolás García 28 일 전 +3

    Yeah, she’s the badass right now. If Marvel wants to be a phenom again, they have to bring her back ASAP💋