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Top 5 Daredevil Costumes

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 12.
  • Protecting Hell’s Kitchen in style.
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댓글 • 0

  • @marcusyates3044
    @marcusyates3044 21 일 전 +78

    Daredevil: "I'm ready to present my case"

  • @aidenknight6948
    @aidenknight6948 21 일 전 +95

    We need a Daredevil animated movie/series in the style of Spiderverse.

  • @kayaanbedi5554
    @kayaanbedi5554 21 일 전 +76

    I love the masked hooded suit. Feels so raw and original

  • @PWGregory
    @PWGregory 21 일 전 +48

    Elektra's Daredevil outfit has to be in the Top 6.

  • @ericgallegos4770
    @ericgallegos4770 21 일 전 +33

    Give us animated series centered on the marvel knights please and a full daredevil animated series too. Please!!

  • @brokennoah
    @brokennoah 21 일 전 +20

    I really liked his King Daredevil suit including bearded Matt

  • @Daniel_Paterson
    @Daniel_Paterson 21 일 전 +4

    The newer King Daredevil suit is arguably his best look and by far my favourite.

  • @JW666
    @JW666 14 일 전

    1. Not my favorite, but in She-Hulk it looked really good, mostly because it worked better with gold than yellow!

  • @nateescobales6930
    @nateescobales6930 21 일 전 +3

    His armored looks, plus ➕️ his red and black costumes are so... phenomenal.

  • @clockworkcthulhu8195

    if we talking the main universe

  • @matthollands7771
    @matthollands7771 14 일 전

    My all time favorite Marvel character! I actually agree with the narrator on the 2015 look. My favorite used to be the 1993 look, but when they revealed that 2015 look I was sold!

  • @RiverRockXIII
    @RiverRockXIII 21 일 전 +10

    My favorite Hero.

  • @paskellthepineapple8482

    The homemade suit is my fav by far

  • @urbansheepdog
    @urbansheepdog 14 일 전

    They should have included the new costume from the latest series, thought that was pretty cool. Not as good as the classics, but good design.

  • @Artisan1979
    @Artisan1979 21 일 전

    I like the current suit, personally

  • @Ruunnninnituoppo
    @Ruunnninnituoppo 14 시간 전

    Just grew up with DD wearing the red suit from Affleck to Charlie . Will always pick red and if not then the black thai rope suit 🔥

  • @Y2JFan94
    @Y2JFan94 21 일 전 +1

    Dont forget the current King design!! DD has NEVER had a bad design!!

  • @TheeKorovaMilkBar
    @TheeKorovaMilkBar 21 일 전

    I hope the black and red suit, wrapping included, make it into the Born Again series.

  • @ivaklura4119
    @ivaklura4119 21 일 전 +2

    Now do a 5 costumes of Electra

  • @NadeemShekh-uy9zn
    @NadeemShekh-uy9zn 21 일 전 +6

    Give me marvel animated shows like this