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The Ravagers | Marvel Studios' Legends

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2023. 08. 29.
  • LEGENDS recounts the exploits of the Ravagers and traces the unique journey of their leader, Yondu.
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  • @Seal__
    @Seal__  +42

    "He was your father but he wasn't your daddy."

  • @AJ-xc4qe
    @AJ-xc4qe  +66

    I still want a Ravagers spin-off. I know Zoe said she was done with Marvel. So maybe they could do a prequel about the Ravagers? Also, I still want a What If episode where Nat and Gamora meet each other. I don't even care if she or ScarJo don't play them. It would be a missed opportunity if they didn't.

  • @DanielAngel

    So, this was just like 10mins of Yondu. Which means it's perfect. ❤

  • @rabalac
    @rabalac  +13


  • @exodia3935

    Maybe this could be one of the best series

  • @SevenPilot

    Could this video mean we see more of them in the future? YES PLEASE.

  • @ArdiMeci

    It would be interesting to see a movie featuring the events after the abduction of Quill, especially the relations with Yandu and the reactions of Peter relatives.

  • @gloryhymn

    All of what a daddy wants to say to his son is just in "father and son."❤

  • @Edcon007
    @Edcon007  +11

    Love it ✨ Yondu Forever 💘

  • @eon001
    @eon001  +7

    Wouldn't hate a Ravagers Disney + show.

  • @louisberry4403

    Will love a Ravagers Spin-Off With Yondu As A Special. Rooker is so good as Yondu.

  • @cristhegeek

    Love it!!!

  • @brucelau2023

    “He May be your father boy , but he wasn’t your daddy” - Yondu

  • @pubblackgaming1276

    yondu..😥 a good father 💙💙

  • @vasilikieleftheriachannel7732

    I miss Yondu 😢

  • @yogasukmap
    @yogasukmap 21 일 전

    Always in tears listening "Father and son"

  • @extropiantranshuman

    this looks good. Moment of silence for anyone not seeing this yet!

  • @odin7721

    Man I miss Yondu😭👌😭

  • @extropiantranshuman

    oh no you did not just release something 6 hours ago!!! This is way too exciting. I'm so glad to finally see new content come out of marvel - yay :)

  • @sagereyes1604

    The Legacy of The Ravagers