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The Wonder of Marvel | Disney100

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 11.
  • There's nothing like the Wonder of Marvel. Assemble and share the wonder in celebration of #Disney100!
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  • Starweb
    Starweb 22 일 전 +193

    The legacy of countless comic book artists and dreamers lives on forever!

    • Jose Guevara
      Jose Guevara 22 일 전 +17

      Especially those we Lost, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and John Romita.

    • Worldivision
      Worldivision 22 일 전 +15

      90% of mcu fans have never picked up an issue their entire life

    • Starweb
      Starweb 22 일 전 +10

      @Worldivision Then I’m glad to be a part of the 10% who has

  • sfighter00
    sfighter00 22 일 전 +43

    No matter how many times I see it, Captain America finally saying "Avengers....Assemble!" in "Avengers: Endgame" will never get old. :D

  • Darthnerdious85
    Darthnerdious85 22 일 전 +52

    Say what you want about Marvel ( I still like what they are doing) they have given us memories, they have had movies that helped us get through troubling times , I started with the original iron man movie but even before that my papa gave me my first comic book which started my love of spider-man , my oldest started going with me for GOTG 2 and had gone with me to every movie since then , and now my youngest is old enough to start the tradition with us. I am forever grateful to Marvel for the memories they have given me and my family.

      PETER QUILL 21 일 전 +3

      Gotg2 is what made me start Marvel journey

    • Xx_Dark.Shrek_xX
      Xx_Dark.Shrek_xX 21 일 전 +2

      ​@PETER QUILLFor me it was Maguire Spidey.

    • Darthnerdious85
      Darthnerdious85 20 일 전 +2

      @Xx_Dark.Shrek_xX oh definitely classics that’s what made no way home so good I remember seeing Spider-Man 2 in theaters like 6 times

    • Masked Ranger
      Masked Ranger 19 일 전

      For me, it was the Spider-Man trilogy, the Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider. Iron Man was the first Marvel film i watched after Spider-Man 3, and i never imagined how big superhero films would get 25 years later. It's been a wild and fun ride, and it'll only get wilder from here!

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez 22 일 전 +87

    Way a go, Marvel.

  • Galactusperson🏳️‍🌈

    I love Marvel and the inspiration they give us

  • Remythechef
    Remythechef 22 일 전 +53

    It’s gonna be real awkward to see Deadpool in these in the future😅

  • Bryan Martinez
    Bryan Martinez 22 일 전 +49

    Wow! This is surprisingly wholesome.

  • Brian Kao
    Brian Kao 22 일 전 +7

    Love the mcu. It may have some misses after endgame. Cough she hulk cough. But it still have its moments that get us excited

  • Ryan Fernandes
    Ryan Fernandes 22 일 전 +5

    Someone get this Editor an Oscar!

  • Marcus Yates
    Marcus Yates 22 일 전 +37

    Captain America: "Avengers.... Assemble!"

  • Erick Reyes
    Erick Reyes 22 일 전 +42

    Long live the MCU!

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison 22 일 전 +7

      Hate to break it to ya, MCU died since phase 4 started. Go Woke, Go Broke. Not one Marvel film has been profitable since Endgame.

    • gh0stvfx
      gh0stvfx 22 일 전 +7

      Mcu died after endgame and no way home

    • Ward Junior
      Ward Junior 22 일 전 +3

      It’s gone mate.

    • Mohammed Patel
      Mohammed Patel 22 일 전 +2

      @John HarrisonFar from home, no way home, multiverse of madness, love and thunder, wakanda forever, guardians 3. Just a few examples of movies after endgame that were profitable

    • Liloki Ola95
      Liloki Ola95 22 일 전 +2

      ​​​​@John Harrison So you are not right... Guardians of the Galaxy 3

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez 22 일 전 +23

    MCU is fantastic, and I’m really excited for the next phase

  • Vincent Ly
    Vincent Ly 22 일 전 +12


  • Ethan
    Ethan 22 일 전 +6

    AVENGERS…. Assemble.
    I’m loving this as a big time Marvel fan!

  • 滋 榎本
    滋 榎本 22 일 전 +22

    Although he has passed away now, Stan Lee is a great man who created many popular MARVEL characters such as Spider-Man and Captain America.
    He also frequently appeared in MCU movies.

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous 22 일 전 +3

      Stan didn't create Cap though, it was a creation of both Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 22 일 전 +2

      ​@uncanny dcmarvelousJack Kirby and other created most of them to begin with, Stan just kinda shifted the narrative to say he had more to do with them than he did.

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 22 일 전 +1

      ​@uncanny dcmarvelousJack Kirby and other created most of them to begin with, Stan just kinda shifted the narrative to say he had more to do with them than he did.

  • hoodedshadow7
    hoodedshadow7 21 일 전 +1

    I really want to say
    Thank you marvel artist, studio, and everyone who makes shows, movies, games, toys, models, and animation shows that made love marvel in the first place. Mostly Spider-Man is the one that made me love marvel in the first place.
    So thank you marvel for making me a fan of you guys, now, forever and beyond

  • Marcellous Nguyen
    Marcellous Nguyen 22 일 전 +20

    This is where the fun begins

  • Cesar Dick meme
    Cesar Dick meme 22 일 전 +17

    Spiderman: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

    • slack
      slack 21 일 전

      also spider-man: i'm gonna put dirt in your eye

  • Kieran Bugg
    Kieran Bugg 22 일 전 +8

    Hoping The Marvels brings the MCU back to peak quality. Secret Invasion left me heartbroken.

    • Jemmell Pyron
      Jemmell Pyron 22 일 전 +1

      I was enjoying Secret Invasion until that finale dropped.

    • Luis Medrano
      Luis Medrano 8 일 전

      Loki season 2 will do that too! as well Deadpool 3!

  • ElCínefiloSV
    ElCínefiloSV 22 일 전 +13

    Marvel did change my life.

  • Kristel Vidhi
    Kristel Vidhi 22 일 전 +49

    Thank you MCU for making Robert Downey Jr the best actor of the world.

    • Feurthan
      Feurthan 22 일 전 +8

      Please tell me you’re joking.

    • Ricky⚡️
      Ricky⚡️ 22 일 전 +5

      He’s rlly good but he isn’t the best actor in the whole world

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison 22 일 전 +3

      You watch any films besides Marvel garbage?

    • djaber lallali
      djaber lallali 22 일 전 +2

      Not that I don't like rdj but you could've at least said " one of"

    • Chris Lawton
      Chris Lawton 22 일 전 +1

      Got that backwards

  • Kayaan Bedi
    Kayaan Bedi 21 일 전 +1

    I have been a Marvel fan since I was born.
    Marvel 's impact is evergrowing even to this day

  • Sonic P135
    Sonic P135 22 일 전 +1

    Awesome, love Marvel.

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout 22 일 전 +11

    They’re the best that Marvel Comics and Disney has to offer.

  • 833time
    833time 19 일 전

    Let the adventures keep on coming! WHOOOOO!!! Happy centennial, Disney!

  • Zubayr Isaacs
    Zubayr Isaacs 22 일 전 +3

    Cool, man! I love Marvel.

  • aditya gautam
    aditya gautam 21 일 전 +1

    Marvel has always been there. I will never stop watching

  • Md javed Omor
    Md javed Omor 22 일 전 +5

    Love it

  • mcu616boy
    mcu616boy 22 일 전 +20

    This is a massive W

  • Junel!!!
    Junel!!! 22 일 전 +1

    Thank you for the amezing marvel cinematic universe yiu guys created it changed my life

  • Eman Mhomed
    Eman Mhomed 22 일 전 +28

    I miss the old marvel so much

    • Big Hand
      Big Hand 22 일 전 +2


    • wa_daxm
      wa_daxm 22 일 전 +2

      We all do

    • Ricky⚡️
      Ricky⚡️ 22 일 전 +4

      You mean mcu? Cause there’s still good marvel movies like Spiderman across the spiderverse

    • Liloki Ola95
      Liloki Ola95 22 일 전 +1

      Me too. But this times never come back 😢Today a most of those actors are ederly yet and a part of them (like Robert Downey JR, Scarlett Johanson, Zoe Saladana or Chris Evans) done with MCU. We must ready that probably we will have to say goodbye a Thor, Loki variant, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Hulk, Lady Sif, Walkyrie and Doctor Strange after the multiverse saga. Always something good it must end. It's a very sadly fact but real

    • Big Hand
      Big Hand 21 일 전

      @Ricky⚡️ I haven’t seen that

  • TIGER 2354
    TIGER 2354 22 일 전 +1

    God I love Marvel so much

  • Ravi Manhotra
    Ravi Manhotra 22 일 전 +20

    Can Disney make us excited as we were for Endgame again ......

    • Shubhang Bahadur
      Shubhang Bahadur 22 일 전 +1

      Have patience, it took 11 years of intricate masterful storytelling to reach Avengers: Endgame.

    • djaber lallali
      djaber lallali 22 일 전

      ​@shubhangbahadur7112 but the movies before it were worth watching not like the current garbage

    • Shubhang Bahadur
      Shubhang Bahadur 22 일 전 +1

      @djaber lallali Badi pasand aayi thi tujhe Ant-Man aur Spider-Man Homecoming?! Tab bhi Marvel movies mein log dhero kamiya nikaalte the! Fark sirf itna hai ki ab Iron Man aur Captain America nahi hai baaki sab same (aur zyada diverse) hai.

  • RBtv
    RBtv 20 일 전

    Way to go 🎉

  • Gabriel Acero
    Gabriel Acero 22 일 전 +5

    Awesome 😎

  • Aaron Dawgzilla
    Aaron Dawgzilla 22 일 전 +2

    Best moment EVER!

  • Eduar Ortiz
    Eduar Ortiz 22 일 전

    This is AWESOME 🤯

  • Sonic
    Sonic 22 일 전 +15

    Really shows you how far we've fallen

  • súperior man
    súperior man 22 일 전 +6

    This is amazing and wonderful

  • Kevin Pineda Fuentes

    Beautiful video and great job. Im Marvel fan.

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata 21 일 전 +1

    Yeeeeessssss!! Wow!!! I already loved and liked Marvel when I was a child little kid because this comicbook empire brand company known as Marvel comicbooks have uniqueness extraordinary kind only Marvel superfans around the globe already knew. 👍👍👏👏🎉🎉💯💯

  • Trent Pruitt
    Trent Pruitt 22 일 전 +11

    Is the wonder truly still there? 2008-19 seemed like Marvel could do no wrong. But now it’s all so hit-or-miss, mostly misses. I just hope we can get back to that verisimilitude they established in the previous films. Hits that EVERYONE can enjoy. I haven’t given up but I’m barely hanging on. I wish we could get movies like the original X-Men, Spider-Man or even Blade movies again. Or hell, like I’ve established already, the first 3 phases of the MCU at least.

    • Aiden Knight
      Aiden Knight 22 일 전

      Seriously? Even back in the day, Marvel had plenty of movies that weren’t fondly regarded. Iron Man 2, Thor 1 and 2, Incredible Hulk, Age of Ultron, Ant Man and the Wasp, and Captain Marvel. And even still, their “good” movies were lacking. Doctor Strange and Black Panther were pretty mediocre.

    • Trent Pruitt
      Trent Pruitt 22 일 전

      ⁠@Aiden KnightI think those are all better than a lot of the stuff they’ve put out lately. Well, I’d agree on Thor 2 and Captain Marvel, those are the only ones I have not rewatched since they came out in theaters. I mean I loved No Way Home, Guardians 3, Loki, and Hawkeye. I enjoyed Moon Knight, Multiverse of Madness, Werewolf by Night, Shang Chi, and even Quantumania. But everything else has been…yeesh. WandaVision was great up until the last episode, trying to make Wanda look like she was in the right for taking a whole town hostage in their minds, that just doesn’t sit right with me.

    • Aiden Knight
      Aiden Knight 22 일 전

      @Trent Pruitt Better doesn’t mean good. It just means it was less flagrantly garbage before. Once they started turning a billion in profits per movie though, they lost all shame or pretense. It’s just the same as it was, but trying less hard to disguise itself as something of quality. Also, No Way Home was only enjoyable because it was so hyped up, and the blatant nostalgia bait had people soying out.

  • 3m4d
    3m4d 22 일 전 +117

    2023 is really surprising me now that Amazons *APL44X* hit the road. After all these years of barely reading anything good I was usually just shutting down any type of media influence as much as I can but this brings back good lights and it should give ho

  • GuardianX_AI studios'
    GuardianX_AI studios' 21 일 전 +1

    ❤❤ love it

  • Itslizzylulu
    Itslizzylulu 21 일 전

    Miss The Avengers. ❤

  • Russell's WORLD
    Russell's WORLD 22 일 전 +1


  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata 21 일 전 +1

    Legendary iconic legacy comicbook empire brand company known as Marvel comicbooks have make Marvel superfans around the globe hyped, memory-blown, and got relatable to the Marvel Legendary famous iconic well-recognizable well-known characters every time, years, minutes, months, and hours.

  • Quiara_Playz
    Quiara_Playz 22 일 전 +1

    My everything. ❤

  • Jedi Clone KAG-13
    Jedi Clone KAG-13 22 일 전 +1


  • Rajashekar Teliga
    Rajashekar Teliga 21 일 전 +1

    The Legacy of Marvel

  • kentoy
    kentoy 22 일 전 +1

    While Phase 5 have been mediocre I still have hope. Well for the other half of Phase 5.
    I actually can tell the first half of Phase 5 will be mediocre or bad, because those projects were being written while Marvel was putting Quantity Over Quality. So yeah, Iron Heart, Echo, Loki S2, Agatha, Captain America 4 will most likely be mediocre or bad due to the writers being rushed to finish it.
    Now the other half of Phase 5 and the future of Phase 6 I can tell will have enough time needed to be good.

  • GenZDoc
    GenZDoc 22 일 전 +3

    Hey Disney, please rescue the Multiverse saga ❤

  • Ready Player Two
    Ready Player Two 22 일 전 +1


  • Thomas Jay Medrano
    Thomas Jay Medrano 22 일 전 +1

    ❤❤❤❤ can't believe it already 😢😊

  • exploreevery
    exploreevery 22 일 전

    Marvel from cinematic masterpiece to kids toys and childish shows 💔

  • Zylice Liddell
    Zylice Liddell 10 일 전

    They’re going through a rough patch at the moment. I hope that Phase 5 will redeem the woke travesty that was Phase 4! 🤞

    MAYRA CORDERO 22 일 전 +7

    Thank you MCU and you bring marvel to life disney for 100 years!

  • Sajna Jee Cooking Time
    Sajna Jee Cooking Time 22 일 전 +3

    Amazing Marvel

  • Regulus Aurum
    Regulus Aurum 22 일 전 +1

    Don't worry MCU. I'm still waiting for intro of Blue Marvel and I'll be the one to be cast as the titular character 😅

  • Marcus Yates
    Marcus Yates 22 일 전 +3

    Nick Fury: "They needed a push"

  • Zayden Entertainment
    Zayden Entertainment 22 일 전 +8

    Marvel and DC are those kind of companies that will never die out. We love marvel!

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison 22 일 전

      You sure about that? Have you been keeping track of the box office receipts since Endgame? Marvel hasn't profited since.

    • Random mario fan
      Random mario fan 22 일 전

      @John Harrisonyou mean they haven’t reached 1 billion again?

    • djaber lallali
      djaber lallali 22 일 전

      ​@RandomMario the profit is made when the box office reaches at least the double of the budget used to make it, if it doesn't reach the double then it's a total failure

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison 22 일 전

      @Random mario fan Huh? Well, doesn't matter if any of their films reach 1 billion when Disney lies about their production budgets. They've been lying and hiding the numbers. Go look up some of the insane budget costs of phase 4. Only Guardians 3 MAY have brought in a tiny profit.

  • MrShinyArceus
    MrShinyArceus 22 일 전 +1

    MCU is still 🔥!

  • DEVILboY
    DEVILboY 22 일 전 +1

    Marvel super hero 😎 ❤never disappoint to us 😉.

  • Pablo Espana
    Pablo Espana 16 일 전


  • Mattia Bolzon
    Mattia Bolzon 20 일 전

    MY WORLD ❤️👊🏻

  • Asgard Editz
    Asgard Editz 22 일 전 +3

    I LOVE MARVEL!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • James M
    James M 22 일 전 +4

    Marvel might be a pretty bad spot right now, but I’m happy that it’s overall strong for the most part.

  • nē0mycol0r #FactCheck
    nē0mycol0r #FactCheck 22 일 전 +3

    im getting emotional

  • Skycher
    Skycher 22 일 전 +1

    I hope they can make a true story movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On how the actors became their Super hero characters. If that happens one day I'll be Surprised and Happy

  • Will Donohue
    Will Donohue 21 일 전

    A6 Assemble and Forever. Love all of Marvel and all its glory!!! 🔻🇺🇸⚡️🦠🕷️🏹❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • noname
    noname 22 일 전 +1

    Seems to be less about Marvel as a whole and more exclusively about the MCU.

  • RadioClash81
    RadioClash81 22 일 전 +1

    I love the part where she says it’s no longer 1937

  • 1k sub with 0 videos

    Nothing is better without iron-man 😔

  • Arcway
    Arcway 22 일 전 +2

    I wish Marvel was still as good as it was :( I want to be excited, but it has been a while since Marvel was exciting. Feels like it is just bland cash grabs at this point.

    • Aiden Knight
      Aiden Knight 22 일 전

      It’s always been bland cash grabs. Marvel just got too confident on Phase 4 and stopped trying to pretend that it wasn’t. Don’t let your nostalgia blind you. Besides a few movies like Iron Man or GOTG, Marvel makes formulaic filler content designed to keep viewers coming back for little cliffhangers in the hopes that being lead along with endless set ups will at some point produce a satisfying pay off. Even during the Infinity Saga, Marvel set up WAY more than they even bothered to go forward with in Endgame. It’s always been carefully crafted to be the same thing over and over, with little sequel hooks thrown in to bait the audience. You’re just starting to pick up on how they’ve been for years now. Look back at Doctor Strange or Black Panther. Do they hold up as original unique movies? Do they stand individually? No. They don’t. They’re practically filler content. Only reason Marvel wasn’t trashed by critics for years is because Disney pays critics to keep rotten tomatoes scores up.

  • Benjamin's Video Channel

    That's so cool I love marvel

  • @The Mishra Gamerz
    @The Mishra Gamerz 22 일 전 +2

    Missing old characters and their dialouges that i can do this all day , love you 3000 , i am always angry ,etc.👑👑🔰 these kind of dialouges make me impress.


    As India is one of the country in which Marvel is a really really big franchise but still no Indian superhero is introduced 🥹🥹🥹
    Take me as a lead role🤣🤣

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez 22 일 전 +1

    I’m glad Disney bought Marvel, it was the best thing they’ve ever done including Star Wars

  • Spooky Gamer Madness
    Spooky Gamer Madness 22 일 전 +1


  • foxon172
    foxon172 22 일 전 +2

    The good old "non woke" days!....I have fond memories!

  • Chris Lawton
    Chris Lawton 22 일 전 +1

    "The Wonder of Marvel" is simply "I wonder what the hell happened? They used to be good."

  • Falak
    Falak 21 일 전

    Love u 😘🥰 Marvel ever and forever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Pure💗Love
    Pure💗Love 22 일 전

    Rdj, chris and scarlett were the big three! We miss them and forever will! Nobody can take their place! No reboot or anything​! Because they lived being iron man, Captain America and black widow

  • Kou Yang
    Kou Yang 22 일 전

    When Nick Fury said we can't do this alone. Then how come in Secret Invasion he was doing it alone. Where was the other heroes when the earth was in danger?

  • Johnny Blaze Gaming
    Johnny Blaze Gaming 22 일 전 +1

    Old MCU over the new MCU

  • Aiden Knight
    Aiden Knight 22 일 전

    Wow! It’s so wonderful that this formulaic bastardization of the Marvel comic characters exists! I love safe mediocre crap slathered in CGI and has the lighting, cinematography, and personality of a slab of concrete! I love the fact that these safe formulaic pieces of crap have effectively ruined blockbuster filmmaking, as well as some of the most beloved comic characters all at once! Screw Disney

    • flashbring5259
      flashbring5259 22 일 전 +2

      Still making more than dc

    • Aiden Knight
      Aiden Knight 22 일 전

      @flashbring5259 DC did it to themselves. They didn’t give Zack Snyder a chance. They butchered Suicide Squad and Batman V. Superman in the editing room, then just kicked out Snyder after he made Justice League and had Joss Whedon screw it up. Of course, his cut of BvS and Justice League eventually surfaced, but even still didn’t get a wide theatrical run, so never enjoyed the profits it would have if it was in theaters.
      Also, I wasn’t talking about DC in my comment, was I? I was specifically trashing Marvel. Even without comparing it to DC, it was never really amazing.

    • Priyanka Singh
      Priyanka Singh 21 일 전 +2

      ​@Aiden Knightlol another dc fankid😂

    • dark lighting
      dark lighting 21 일 전

      ​​@Priyanka Singh no lie

  • THM Studios
    THM Studios 22 일 전 +6

    Bro I miss the old MCU :(

  • BrickBeef
    BrickBeef 22 일 전 +1

    Can we just appreciate how little effort Marvel puts into their terrible CGI?

    • DarkSigRvB
      DarkSigRvB 22 일 전 +1

      Um what? Don't know what you're talking about dude

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison 22 일 전

      @DarkSigRvB Put down the puberty blockers and you may know what he's talking about then.

    • DarkSigRvB
      DarkSigRvB 22 일 전

      @John Harrison lol no. And really puberty blockers.... I'm 30

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison 22 일 전

      @DarkSigRvB Looks like they've worked and messed your brain up real bad if you cannot notice the god awful CGI. Good luck.

    • DarkSigRvB
      DarkSigRvB 22 일 전

      @John Harrison lol get over it

  • TheGreatAcolyt
    TheGreatAcolyt 22 일 전

    0:03 best spider-men right there

  • A Noob Gamer
    A Noob Gamer 22 일 전 +1

    I don't think they should be so proud after the many mistakes they made in phase 4 and with Secret Invasion today

  • venkatmani
    venkatmani 21 일 전


  • Sage Reyes
    Sage Reyes 22 일 전 +1


  • Venom
    Venom 22 일 전 +3

    Avengers Assemble!

  • G.Sasikumar (Marvel & DC Fan)

    Now : Marvel A little worse
    Before: Once Upon a Time There Lived a Ghost..!🔥🔥🔥

  • Samrit Chakraborty
    Samrit Chakraborty 22 일 전 +1

    Please show them "who we are" !😂

  • narmo Sl
    narmo Sl 19 일 전 +1

    Marvel 😍😍😍

  • contentcorsair
    contentcorsair 22 일 전

    Marvel can so SO good. Please get back on track

  • Justice Jr
    Justice Jr 22 일 전

    Wow Awesome Now pay them better Disney so we can continue to be “powerful”

  • Justin Ying
    Justin Ying 22 일 전 +1

    What next for the future of Marvel is there new avenger or new superhero coming soon so exciting for happening next